…And just like that…

I’ve decided to starve for the sake of feeling good about myself again. I’m a mother of 3 children; all full term, all natural births, and apparently I look like I’m carrying a fourth. I’m in my mid 30’s and after my last child, it has been rather difficult for me to shake the baby weight off. Being a lover of all things deep fried and/or smothered in chocolate doesn’t help the cause either. My bones ache, my muscles are soar, and my frame just can’t support this extra weight.  I miss being petite and being able to confidently wear specific article of clothing… What brought on all of this self-loathing, you ask?

I had made a quick stop to the grocery store to pick up some seasoning for dinner, and I bump into an uncle that I haven’t seen in a while. Without tact or decorum, the words, “Wow, you’re as big as a house!” escape his lips. Immediately I was stunned, appalled with myself, and wanted to crawl under a rock! I mean, granted, he probably shouldn’t have said what he was thinking out loud, but the mere fact that he just couldn’t contain the thought speaks volumes! I grabbed the lapels of my sweater and wrapped them around my protruding belly. I wished I had been wearing a scarf around my neck to conceal my doubled-chin. But even those things wouldn’t be able to mask the excessive weight in my face… or my hips… or my… EVERYTHING!

So, now I’m on a quest to try and reinvent myself. This has been something I’ve been contemplating doing for some time now, but have been too lazy to do it. I have to make the time for myself to better my physical appearance. Maybe I could try the juice diet, along with an intense exercise routine… Any suggestions?  I’m all ears…


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